Video Game Digital Marketing Find new players. Grow wishlists. Increase game sales.

Find New Players. Grow Wishlists. And Increase Game Sales.

If you're a game developer and you don't have time to market your game and find new players, then I'd love to meet and see if my digital marketing tools are a good fit for you and your studio.

First step is to email me at: dariusz at

In the subject, put "Marketing Help". And I'll ask some questions to figure out what you want and need.

No commitments. No expectations. No cost. First step is to see if we're a good match and see if my marketing will help you find new players, grow your wishlists, and increase game sales.

To get an idea of what I can do for you, check out my work here.

Thanks! Looking forward to helping you find new players!

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Dariusz Michniewicz
Email: dariusz at videogamedigitalmarketing dot com
Discord Username: dariuszkonrad
Port Stanley ON, Canada